Total Serum Proteins

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Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the total serum proteins reagents distributed by Genprice. The Total Serum Proteins reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Total Serum. Other Total products are available in stock. Specificity: Total Category: Serum Group: Proteins

Proteins information

Chicken Egg white proteins total control for Western

CEGW12-C 100 ul
EUR 286

Chicken Egg yellow proteins total control for Western

CEYP12-C 100 ul
EUR 286

Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) proteins for ELISA

FBS15-N-1 1 ml
EUR 225

Mouse Brain proteins (total) ELISA kit, 96 tests, Quantitative

800-190-MBN 1 Kit
EUR 773

Chicken Egg proteins total (whole egg) control for Western

CEGT11-C 100 ul
EUR 286

Direct Total Iron colorimetric assay (Serum etc), 96 wells/kit

1230 1 kit
EUR 529

Direct Total Iron colorimetric assay (Serum etc), 480 tests/kit

1230-5 1 kit
EUR 2059


QY-E120081 96T
EUR 478

Total Iron-Binding Capacity (TIBC) and Serum Iron Assay Kit (Colorimetric)

EUR 582

Cow Anti-Rabbit IgG-HRP conjugate (preadsorbed with mouse, human serum proteins)

20323-210 0.5 ml
EUR 202

Total SulphonamidesⅠ

AT015 1mg
EUR 607

Total Tetracyclines

AT052 1mg
EUR 1114

Total QuinolonesⅠ

AT055 1mg
EUR 945

Total aflatoxins

AT058 1mg
EUR 1114

Total Acetochlors

AT094 1mg
EUR 1114

Total Sudans

AT099 1mg
EUR 1368

Total QuinolonesⅡ

AT124 1mg
EUR 1114